About Us

About Us

40 Year Weather Security Roof GuaranteeDecra Roof Systems was founded in the UK and Ireland in 1977 when the company introduced the world’s first lightweight roof tile – the Decra tile.

This revolutionary new product combined great strength with very low weight, offering the benefits of:

  • Easy handling
  • Fast installation
  • Exceptional durability
  • Low maintenance

Decra lightweight roof tiles comprise a core of galvanised steel with a multi-layered protective coating and granular finish, offering the appearance of traditional clay or concrete pantiles combined with exceptional performance characteristics.

Decra tiles are proven on many types of new-build and refurbishment projects. Applications in both the public and private sectors include housing, industrial, retail, commercial, educational, healthcare, modular build, leisure, secure buildings and MOD.  They have demonstrated their durability and security in all kinds of conditions, from Canada’s sub-zero temperatures and high winds to the hot, humid, salt laden air of the Maldives.

Over twelve million square metres of Decra tiles have been installed in the UK and Ireland since the company was launched in 1977. That’s enough metal tiles to roof 183,000 average terraced houses. The world’s first and most popular lightweight tile, they are manufactured on four continents and sold in over 70 countries.

Decra is part of the BMI Group

BMI GroupBMI UK & Ireland was established following the coming together of Redland and Icopal and is part of BMI Group - the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout UK and Europe with a significant presence in parts of Asia and South Africa. With more than 11,000 employees in 40 countries, the Group runs over 150 production facilities worldwide and is headquartered in London.

With a UK manufacturing heritage in roofing dating back to 1837, BMI produces and supplies a comprehensive range of concrete, clay, metal and reconstituted slate tiles, reinforced bitumen membranes, single-ply systems and liquid waterproofing solutions as well as an extensive collection of fittings, components and building membranes. In the UK and Ireland these are sold under some of the market's best-known brands including Redland, Icopal, Cambrian, Decra, Rosemary Hydrostop, and Wolfin.

These market-leading quality, engineered roofing technologies are complemented by a dedication to customer service excellence, unrivalled innovation, expert technical support and a superb training offer..

The BMI Group is headquartered in London and generated revenues of more than EUR 2 billion in 2016. 

Guarantees and Accreditations

Decra products are developed and manufactured to ISO 9001 and covered by British Board of Agrément certificates. Since 1985 we have offered the unique 40-year Decra Insured Guarantee covering not only the tiles, but also the complete weather security of the entire roof.
Read more about our Product Guarantee

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is the UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of Vandals and housebreakers, frustrated by advanced modern locks and shutters and attempting to break-in through the roof, are two reasons why roof security is an increasingly important issue nowadays for both homes and commercial premises.

Decra roof systems are well known for their superior ability to resist damage by vandals and removal by criminals when compared with clay or concrete tiles and slates. Now this superiority has received official and unique recognition. In December 2006 Decra became the first UK roofing manufacturer to meet the stringent tests of LPS1175 and be awarded the internationally recognised Secured by Design accreditation: the Association of Chief Police Officers’ initiative to ‘design out crime’. Read more


Decra’s tiles are the first metal tiles to achieve the coveted CE mark, indicating that they comply with all the requirements of security stipulated in the European Directive for construction products.

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    Contact Us

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