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Decra Roofing Advantages

Am I spending my money wisely, what’s the best balance between cheapness and the durability of a quality maintenance free product?

It’s a difficult decision to make and as everything you own is protected by a roof it’s an extremely important decision to get right, not just right for today, but right the next 30 to 60 years. Independent unbiased advice is difficult to find.

Davis Langdon’s internationally respected cost accountants recently carried out a Whole Life Cost Analysis of complete roof structures for leading competing roof systems.

Is Decra a safe bet, see for yourselves.  

How Much More Expensive Are Alternative Roof Coverings
Over a 35
year period
Over a 60
year period
Concrete Tile 14%  26%
Machine Made Clay 69% 120%
Concrete Plain Tiles  46% 65%
Man Made Slate  77% 132%
Natural Slate  61% 82%
Aluminium Standing Seam Roofing  60% 61%
Zinc Standing Seam Roofing  18% 65%
Stainless Steel Standing Seam Roofing  20% 22%
Composite Insulated Steel Trapezoidal Sheets  54% 157%
Composite Insulated Steel Tile Sheets  88% 191%

Source: Davis Langdon (Davis Langdon is now rebranded and is part of the AECOM group).
Chart:  Whole life cycle costs per m2 over a 60 year period taking average values for life cycle costs and maintenance factors for each of the roof options. Roof costs include for cost of a dry fixed roof covering and the cost of typical underlying supporting structure (e.g. roof trusses).
Product Costs: were primarily compiled using Davis Langdon’s extensive National Cost Database, Davis Langdon’s professional judgement and discussions with specialist contractors. Additional data has been obtained from the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS); SPON’s Architects and Builders’ Price Book 2004 and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). 

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