Decra Oberon Tiles are the world's only lightweight roofing plain tile, in Decra’s bark colour they are also an ideal replacement for wooden roof shingles

Decra Oberon Tile Accessories

Decra® accessories have been individually designed to ensure compatibility and play a vital role in achieving the total integrity of the Decra roof system. Accessories include ridge caps, barge covers and closures.

Decra accessories are available in a range of colours and are typically always available in stock ready for delivery within 3 working days on the UK mainland.

Ridge/Barge Cap

For use at ridges, hips and barges.
For ridge or hip ventilation system, use product in conjunction with universal ridge/hip ventilation system.

Cover: 370 mm
Order Code: BR_N1

Oberon Ridge / Barge Cap

End Cap

Filler for ridge/barge cap ends only.

Order Code: BE_N1

Oberon Ridge / Barge End Cap

Top Course

For use at sloping abutment walls.

Cover: 1200 mm
Order Code: BC_B1

Oberon Top Course

Decra Warm Roof Eaves Closure Unit

Designed for use on warm roof applications. Provides an attractive finish for eaves detailing. Must be used with Decra® Warm Roof Eaves Guard and Decra® Eaves Mesh.
Available in Anthracite colour only (to complement under eaves detailing).

Cover: 1200 mm
Order Code: DM_B1

Decra Warm Roof Eaves Closure Unit

Decra Finishing Kit

Touch up kit for vertically driven nails and detailing.

Recommended 1 kit per 350 tiles ordered
Order Code: BU_B1

Decra Finishing Kit

Decra Fixing Nails (6 kg pack)

Recommended 1 pack per 420 tiles ordered.
Also available in 1kg pack (recommended coverage 70 tiles).

Order Code: DNXB5 (6kg pack)

Decra Fixing Nails

Decra Power Fixing Nails

For Paslode cordless nail gun.
Each pack sufficient to install up to 440 Decra Oberon tiles.

Important Note: To ensure compatibility and preserve the Decra guarantee use only Decra power fixing nails.
Also available in small pack (recommended coverage 225 tiles).

Order Code: DNXP7

Decra Power Fixing Nails


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