Decra Oberon Tiles are the world's only lightweight roofing plain tile, in Decra’s bark colour they are also an ideal replacement for wooden roof shingles

New Build House, Ireland

Once Leigh Baker and her partner had found the perfect site – a beautiful farmland location overlooking the River Shannon - they set about finding the perfect materials from which to construct their dream home.

In such an exposed location the winter weather can be unforgiving, so they knew they needed a roof system they could rely on to withstand even gale conditions. However, they also wanted an aesthetically pleasing roof finish that would blend in with the surrounding countryside. Equally, as a selfbuild project, Leigh wanted a shingle roof that could be installed simply and quickly, and at minimum cost.

The solution was Decra Oberon tiles in Bark. The subtly blended colour of the tiles provides a soft, natural finish which perfectly complements both the rural location and the brick chosen for the building envelope.

As a completely dry-fixed system, verges ridges and hips are protected by integral barge covers and ridge/hip units. This simplifies installation and provides very high resistance to storm damage, as well as reducing maintenance by eliminating the most vulnerable part of a roof – the mortar bedding.
Another important reason for selection of Decra Oberon tiles was their performance even at low pitch. Nailed at top and bottom, Decra Oberon tiles provide high resistance to wind uplift even at pitches as low as 15°.

Unlike traditional slates, tiles and roofing shingles, no reliance is placed on deadweight.

Speed of installation

With Decra Oberon tiles, the number of fixings is always constant at just 13 per square metre, whatever the pitch, however exposed the location. By contrast, traditional plain tiles require up to 120 fixing per square metre.

Furthermore, speed of shingle installation is also significantly increased by the high coverage per tile: Only 2.5 Decra Oberon tiles are needed per square metre, compared with 60 for clay or concrete plain tiles.

Structural economy

The light weight of Decra tiles, and the consequent reduction in the dead load of the roof, enables significant cost savings in the amount of materials required for the structure. This enables a lower cost build, and frees up development money for enhanced interior fittings or finishes.




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