Decra Stratos Lightweight Roofing Tiles

Pond Park Primary School

When the existing roof covering of man-made slates at Pond Park Primary School needed refurbishment, the South Eastern Education and Library Board in Northern Ireland decided to install Decra Stratos tiles in charcoal grey.

Pond Park is not the first project for which the South Eastern Education and Library Board has specified Decra tiles, which have found favour with the Board due to their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. 

Longlasting performance

Decra tiles have a core of zinc aluminium galvanised steel, multi-layered protective coating and ceramically glazed stone granular finish. This construction, using the latest technology, has proven exceptionally durable in all climates and weather conditions. Correctly installed, the entire roof is guaranteed weatherproof for 30 years – providing peace of mind for both the owners and occupants of the building, as well as avoiding the burden of ongoing large maintenance costs.

Reliable ventilation

At Pond Park, 2200m2 of Decra Stratos tiles were installed, together with integral eaves, ridge and hip ventilation units. These units provide reliable levels of ventilation to prevent the formation of condensation and consequent damage to the roof structure. Decra ventilation units are available to suit roofs with insulation at ceiling joist or rafter level, in various sizes to meet the relevant Building Regulation requirements.

Ease of installation

Because the Decra roof finish is completely dry-fixed, there were no delays due to inclement weather. And without the noise and dust of angle grinders, the project was completed with minimum inconvenience to ongoing activities at the school. Decra’s local area representative was on hand at design stage and on site to provide assistance whenever required. 

Decra Stratos tiles at Pond Park School

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