Decra Stratos Lightweight Roofing Tiles

Slate Comes Second To Decra At Racecourse

Towcester racecourse has a prominent 2300m² roof. Decra Roof Systems Limited had innovative ideas and won the refurbishmet contract with their Stratos dry-fix tile range.

Extensively refurbished at a cost in excess of £2.2m, Towcester racecourse has re-opened after an 18-month closure and is all set to encourage a wider audience of race-goers. Owned by Lord Hesketh and set in the beautiful surroundings of his private estate, the course boasts a number of exciting new features, a particular focal point being the new high specification stable block. The building has a prominent 2300m² roof and when specified there were three key considerations to be taken into account - a finish that would suit the aesthetics of this picturesque venue and the safety and comfort of the horses.

Initially there was a leaning towards natural slate, but Decra Roof Systems Limited had innovative ideas and won success with their Stratos dry-fix tile range.

Made from high-quality steel and zinc/aluminium galvanised for maximum durability, the tile is available in a textured finish and in a selection of colours - including the charcoal grey Decra Stratos tiles that look like slate.

Not only does the Decra Stratos tile look good, meeting the aesthetic requirements of the project, it is also much larger than man-made slate, with a coverage of 2.54 tiles per m², against 19.6 tiles per m² - and it still weighs-in at only one seventh the weight of slate.

Decra Stratos Tile Slate.

Number of tiles required for 2300m² 5600 45000+ Trips up the ladder 600 2000+ Including felt and battens, one approved Decra contractor should be able complete the installation of 70m² of Decra Stratos tiles in a day, with slate in second place at only 10m² in a day.

Then there are the safety and comfort issues.

Because the Decra Stratos tile is lightweight, the original stable ceiling height could be raised without additional reinforcement - eliminating any risk of the horses injuring themselves when rearing.

The tiles are also vandal and fire resistant.

With condensation being a major problem in stables from the breath and sweat from the horses, ventilation was another consideration; using the Decra eaves vent system this was easily solved.

All Decra tiles are also immune to insect attack, which is important in this type of environment, and a non-toxic fungicide application inhibits moss growth, helping to maintain the long-term appearance of the roof with little or no maintenance.

An additional £2m is earmarked for further development and Lord Hesketh explains the thinking behind this investment: "We've got a big catchment area with towns like Milton Keynes and Northampton and we're providing an experience for people who are not necessarily very interested in racing. What they like is - the quality of the surroundings and the view".

Decra Stratos Tile installed at Towcester Racecourse.



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