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Decra Roof Systems fit for new health centre

The roof on the new Primary Care Unit is a warm roof construction including over 1400m² of Stratos tiles plus traditional angle shaped ridging, hip ventilation and Decra 700 breather membrane.

Willenhall Primary Care Unit is a brand new health centre just a few miles to the south east of Coventry. Situated in Remembrance Road, it is an important development and will play a large part in improving services for the busy Willenhall catchment, which is a designated regeneration area. Funding has come from the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust, which has allocated £40m to modernising primary care facilities at various locations around Coventry.

The new building boasts a physiotherapy suite, a minor operation suite, seven treatment rooms and a number of consulting rooms.

As for the services provided there is a General Practice run by three doctors, a Dental Practice and Sure Start, which helps families in the area with children up to four years of age with issues such as health visiting, speech and language therapy and respite.

In addition there is a Primary Care Locality Team operating out of the building as well.

Over 1400m2 of Stratos tiles.

Project architects, The Design Buro (Coventry), have a strong pedigree in the Health sector and based on previous experience had no hesitation in specifying Stratos tiles from Decra for the Willenhall roofing requirement
Decra Roof Systems is the UK's leading metal roofing system supplier and has an excellent track record with healthcare buildings - and a high level of planning acceptability as a result.

The Stratos tile has an attractive riven surface and a finish similar in appearance to a slate roof.

Charcoal grey was chosen for this project but pepperstone is also available.

The roof on the new Primary Care Unit is a warm roof construction and required over 1400m2 of Stratos tiles, 125m of traditional angle shaped ridging, hip ventilation and 1400m2 of Decra 700 breather membrane.

Like all Decra roof systems, the Stratos tile is manufactured as a complete steel panel of tiles as opposed to individual tiles and it does not fade or deteriorate with UV light.

The coated, galvanised panels are extremely light and easy to handle, about one-seventh the weight of concrete tiles and need fewer fixings than conventional tiles - covering at 2.54 tiles per m2, against 19.6 per m2 for natural slate tiles - making them ideal for fast-track installations.

As a result, there is less contractor time spent up and down ladders and on the roof itself, helping to reduce the risk of accidents.

Another benefit of fast coverage is that by meeting or even bettering the overall building programme requirements, clients and staff who may be moving from existing facilities or old surgeries can schedule accordingly, confident in the knowledge that the new facility will be available on time.

The tile's lightweight means that less supporting structure is required too, achieving significant savings in the embodied energy of the building, a real environmental advantage.

The tiles are dry-fixed throughout and require virtually no maintenance over the lifetime of the building.

A downturned front edge and an upturned rear edge ensure a strong, overlapping and interlocking roof covering which virtually rules out the possibility of vandalism or forced entry, a particular concern at the Willenhall development.

Decra Stratos tiles offer complete weather protection, even at pitches as low as 12º - not something that slate or other conventional tiles can match and they are ideal for pitched roof conversions too.

Integrated off site support is part of the package.

Off-site there is a lot of integrated support in evidence as well.

Decra offer comprehensive technical support for all product areas and work in close co-operation with designers and installers to achieve the optimum solution for any project - in fact the Design Buro took advantage of the availability of CAD detailing and specification clauses on this particular project.

The large format of Decra tiles has a supply chain advantage in that fewer delivery trucks are required and less storage space is required on site.

A 'just in time' delivery system also means that precise schedules within the building programme can be met, again reducing on site storage requirements and reducing the risk of theft.

For complete customer peace of mind Decra products are manufactured to ISO 9001, covered by British Board of Agrément certification - and supplied with a unique 30-year guarantee, covering not just the tiles but also the complete weather integrity of the entire roof.

Danescroft Roofing , part of Decra's network of registered contractors, were the installers on the Willenhall Primary Care Unit project.


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