Why Choose Decra?

Decra® is ideal for all applications and locations, whether new build or refurbishment, residential or commercial, urban or rural. Over the last 50 years, Decra tiles have been installed on over 60 million m² of roofs across Europe, protecting buildings in all environments, from city centres to mountainsides.

Decra lightweight tiles share the appearance of concrete, clay and even wooden shingles by combining a steel core with a hardwearing, multi-layered coating, with a stone granular final coating for maxim durability. With comprehensive accessories also available, the Decra system can be dry fixed quickly and efficiently, delivering the perfect roof every time.

Decra’s lightweight design combined with its unique top and bottom high security fixing system results in Decra offering many advantages over traditional materials.


Decra tiles feature a steel core which increases strength while reducing weight. As a result, each tile weighs as little as one-seventh of a traditional clay or concrete alternative, making them easier to transport, handle and install. Roofs can also be designed to support a much lighter load, allowing architects to specify fewer materials in their construction.

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Unrivalled weather protection

Decra tiles are storm proof – tests have proven their resistance to winds up to 160 km/h and rain falling at 200mm per hour. Decra tiles offer weather protection from rainfall, hail, snow, ice, sun - even hurricanes - without damage, and are already installed in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Why Decra is more secure than traditional roof tiles

Decra's resistance to extreme hailstorms

The benefits of Decra’s dry fixed system

Hard wearing finish for all applications

All Decra tiles undergo a six stage finishing process, comprising zinc aluminium galvanising, washing, and the application of coatings which deliver sound insulation and protection against corrosion. The final stone granular top layer is available in a variety of colours.

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Fast installation

The Decra system is light and compact – each Decra tile typically weighs 3kg and cover almost half a square meter of roof area. This lightweight but large interlocking design combined with Decra's unique top and bottom fixing method results dramatically reduced installation time. 

Installation facts and figures

Low maintenance, low cost of ownership

Decra tiles are exceptionally durable, and offer superior weather protection, and so maintenance costs are minimal during the lifetime of the installation.

Why Decra is more secure than traditional roof tiles

Whole life cost of a new roof or roof renovation


Decra’s lightweight dry fixed roof system eliminates many of the health risks associated with working on new roofs and roof renovation projects. Decra can significantly reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, repetitive strain injuries and eliminate the ill effects of cement dermatitis.

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Impressive guarantees

Decra tiles carry a 40 year guarantee, so when installed correctly a Decra® roof will not need to be replaced during the typical lifetime of a building.

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From low pitch to vertical

Decra tiles can be used on roofs with pitches as low as 10° – and on vertical surfaces - making the system exceptionally versatile.

Unrivalled strength reduces wastage

The steel core within a Decra tile provides unparalleled strength compared to traditional materials, minimising breakage during transport and installation, and keeping subsequent maintenance bills to an absolute minimum.

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Impact resistant

Inherent strength, combined with a locking installation design, results in a roof which is highly resistant to vandalism or forced entry, making Decra the ideal choice for commercial properties, buildings which are often unoccupied (such as community centres), or any structure prone to vandalism.

Roof tiles, roof shingles or Decra tiles - demonstration of strength

Improved Logistics

Decra is lightweight, compact and possess high impact resistance. These benefits result in reduced transport cost and lessens damage to the environment.

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Secured by Design accreditation

Decra is the only UK roofing manufacturer to win Secured by Design accreditation from the Association of Chief Police Officers for the Decra Plus system, which features enhanced security fittings and a specialised installation method.

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Refurbishment or new build

Decra is ideal for refurbishment projects as it can be directly installed over existing roof coverings such as asbestos or corrugated bitumen shingles, saving installation times and reducing costs. The range of finishes also makes it easy to find a Decra tile which matches adjacent roofs or nearby buildings.

Environmentally Friendly

As steel is a constantly recycled material, a Decra tile already contains a significant percentage of used steel, and is also recyclable at the end of its life. Decra's lightweight compact design reduces demands on the transportation infrastructure consequently reducing demands on fossil fuels and reducing emissions of CO2, harmful Nox particles and other green house gases.

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Full range of accessories

All Decra systems include a comprehensive range of accessories and complementary products for the entire roof, ensuring maximum compatibility and single source responsibility.

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