Decra is Dry Fixed for Maximum Weather Security

Dry Fixed

Maintenance free with the whole roof guaranteed weather secure for 40 years

Practically every traditional roof tile manufacture extols the merits of dry fixing. Practically every traditional roof tile manufacturer charges extra for it.
With every single Decra tile and accessory it comes as standard and at no extra cost. There is no other way of fitting them.

Traditionally, mortar has been used to secure the perimeters of roofs, and it is widely acknowledged that this is a potential source of roof failure because of incorrect ratios of sand and cement, wrong choice of sand, too dry a mix, too wet a mix. And there is just that little problem of not being able to apply it in wet or freezing conditions.

But take a look out of your window, or take a walk down your street, and you will not help but notice how few roofs with concrete tiles, clay tiles or slates are dry fixed. Why? Is it because it is too expensive?

With Decra, every tile and accessory is dry fixed, and mortar can not be used with them. Which is why a written, 40-year weather security guarantee is given covering the whole roof, not just the tiles. It is not uncommon for traditional tile manufacturers’ roof guarantees to be void if wet fixing has been utilised.

Dry Fixed For The Ultimate In Security

The UK and Ireland are two of the windiest countries in Europe, but not one correctly fitted Decra roof has ever suffered damage caused by wind uplift, and this includes the hurricane in South East England in 1987. So, not one penny has been spent on repairing Decra roofs through weather damage.

This outstanding performance is due to Decra's completely dry-fixed system combined with Decra’s unique top and bottom fixing method that has given Decra its extraordinary reputation for practically nil post-installation maintenance.


A day of gale is defined as a day on which the mean wind speed at the standard measuring height of 10m above ground attains a value of 34 knots (39 miles per hour, 17.2 metres per second) or more over any period of 10 minutes during 24 hours.
(Source: Meteorological Office. November was chosen as this is typically the wettest month of the year).

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