Decra Roof Tiles Are Quicker To Install Than Tradition Roofing Tiles

Your new roof or roof renovation - sooner rather than later

Using Decra tiles for your new roof or roof renovation project means you can save many man hours on site, as Decra is quicker to install than conventional roofing tiles. This is because the Decra system requires fewer fixings than other tiles. Our lightweight roof tiles are only a fraction of the weight of traditional roofing tiles or slates, so more of them can be transported at once. This means fewer journeys up the ladder are needed.

Each Decra tile also covers a greater area of the roof compared with other tiles. Everything about the Decra system is designed to ensure that installation is quicker and safer than using traditional roofing materials.

What's more, the Decra roof system is completely dry fixed. This means that it can installed in any weather conditions, unlike tiles that use cement mortar.

When you choose Decra, you will benefit from a unique 40-year weather security guarantee.

Installation facts and figures

Of course, we could go on and on about why Decra is faster and more efficient to install than other roofing tiles. But we know you wouldn't be interested in claims that aren't substantiated. So we'll let the figures and the video demonstration below do the talking.

A typical terrace town house has a roof of around 65m². Just see how Decra compares to other roofing sheets: 

Number of tiles/slates to be installed
(65m² roof)


139no Decra Roof System (Classic Tile):
631no Concrete Interlocking Tiles
871no Man Made Slate (600mm x 300mm)
3,900no Plain Tiles (Concrete)

Number of fixings required per roof
(65m² roof)


556no Decra Roof System (Classic Tile)
1,893 no Concrete Interlocking Tiles
2,613 no Man Made Slate (600mm x 300mm)
7,800 no Plain Tiles (Concrete)

Weight of installed roof
(65m² roof)


425kg Decra Roof System (Classic Tile)
3,028kg Concrete Interlocking Tile
1,497kg Man Made Slate (600mm x 300mm)
4,875kg Plain Tiles (Concrete)

Number of trips up a ladder required
to complete roof (assuming a maximum
safe load of 22.5kg)


19 trips Decra Roof System (Classic Tile)
135 trips Concrete Interlocking Tile
67 trips Man Made Slate (600mm x 300mm)
216 trips Plain Tiles (Concrete)

The above calculations illustrate clearly the inherent advantage of speed of installation the Decra roof system has when compared to other competing roofing products.

Further large increases in the speed of installation of the Decra Roof System are available if a powered nailing system is used.

Installation During All Weather

The Decra roof system is completely dry fixed, so it can be installed in all weather conditions. By contrast, cement work to man made tiles cannot be carried on in wet or freezing conditions; long run sheet systems cannot be installed on windy days. 

Demonstration Of Speed Of Installation

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