Lightweight roof tiles - advantages

Lightweight roof tiles - advantages

At Decra, we produce lightweight roof tiles that are approximately one-seventh of the weight of concrete tiles and one-quarter of the weight of man-made slate.
This has many positive implications for housing developers, as our lightweight roof tiles can save you time and money.

There are also many environmental benefits compared with other materials.
By using the Decra roof system the dead load of the roof can be dramatically reduced. This allows clients to design projects with performance in mind, while cutting down on materials.
For example, a timber truss roof using conventional roofing materials needs centres spaced around 600mm apart.
By using our lightweight roof tiles, centres are typically spaced at 1200mm. The reduction in materials needed and the environmental impact of this over a whole development is obvious to see.

Materials can be used more efficiently and intelligently in your developments by introducing Decra tiles.               

 House 1 Tonne



Traditional Roof Tiling
Why does this make any sense?

Other advantages of lightweight roof tiles

Aside from the reduction in costs and materials, there are other advantages of choosing lightweight roof tiles from Decra over more traditional products.

Modular roofs & off site construction

Decra lightweight design combined with its unique high security fixing system makes it ideal for off site construction project. Decra offers:

  • Dramatic reductions in construction times.
  • Improvements in the predictability of projects.
  • Potential cost savings.
  • Higher quality and fewer defects.
  • Improvements in health and safety.
  • Reduction in waste.
  • Reduction in theft from site.
  • Large reductions in on site installation time, consequently reducing disruption to surrounding tenants and homeowners.
  • Improvements in design and functionality of building, for example it is practical to design the roof structure to allow the loft space at a future date to be converted at minimal cost into an additional bedroom, so reducing the need for tenants or home owners to relocate when their families expand in size.

By choosing lightweight roof tiles from Decra, you can ensure your development is as logistically simple as possible.

Non-Traditional roof structures

Decra is ideal for refurbishment projects as it can be directly installed over existing roof coverings such as asbestos or corrugated bitumen shingles, saving installation times and reducing costs.


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