The Decra Concept

Plastic roof tiles - The Decra Advantages

At Decra we often are asked if our tiles are plastic roof tiles, it is a common but understandable misconception.

Unlike plastic tiles, Decra tiles have a core of zinc aluminium galvanised steel, which is further protected with a unique multi-layered coating system. The granular surface is ceramically glazed at high temperature for exceptional long term colour stability.
This construction provides an outstandingly strong tile, which is nevertheless very light in weight – for example, weighing approximately 85% less than concrete tiles.

The underside of the Decra tile is coated with a polyester coating (which has a plastic appearance).
The polyester coating is applied to the epoxy coating on the underside of the tile, which provides further protection against wind driven salt spray for projects in coastal locations.

It is the combination of the low weight characteristics of the Decra Tiles and the polyester coating that misleads people to believe that it is a plastic roof tiles.

Decra's steel tile has many significant advantages over plastic

Plastic roof tiles can be vulnerable to temperature change. All plastics are designed to perform within designated temperature ranges for the type of grade of plastic selected. If the weather is to hot, then the moulded shape of the plastic may be deformed by the heat. If the weather is to cold then there is potential for the plastic roof tiles to become brittle and easily cracked and damaged.

Decra offers a choice of tile profiles, available in a wide range of colours.

Decra Classic Tile Decra Elegance Tile Decra Stratos Tile
Decra Classic Tile a better alternative to plastic roof tiles Decra Elegance Tile a superior alternative to plastic roof tiles Decra Stratos Tile offering performance plastic roof tiles cannot match


Decra Oberon Tile

Decra Plus Tile
Decra Oberon Tile the ideal roofing alternative to plastic roof tiles Decra Plus Tile a more suitable alternative to plastic roof tiles

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