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Eaves Unventilated Cold Roof Constructions

The table below sets out appropriate detailing at eaves for unventilated cold roof constructions with insulation installed at horizontal ceiling level.

For traditional ventilated cold roof structures, click here 


Your roof is constructed as below

Requirements Insulation at ceiling joist level, with low resistance underlay and 25mm deep counterbattens installed.
Eaves ventilation system

Provide Decra Eaves Mesh with free airflow of 25,000mm² per linear metre.

Setting out point for fascia board Level with top edge of rafter or top edge of insulation board. (If installation boards are installed).
Install Install Icopal Monarperm Breathe vapour permeable membrane on top of rafters and under counterbattens.
Install eaves batten Install eaves batten to rear of fascia board
Install Decra Eaves Guard Decra Warm Roof Eaves Guard installed under an Icopal Monarperm Breathe vapour permeable membrane. Use of Decra Eaves Mesh & Decra Eaves Closure Flashing recommended.


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