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Decra Stratos Ventilated Ridges

Decra Stratos - Ridge using D Ridge and Universal Ridge/Hip Ventilator - Detail from drawing DSTE022


Installation Guidance - Decra Stratos

Ridge Course D Ridge
The correct way to install the top course of tiles and the ridge tiles is determined by whether you are trying to achieve an unventilated or ventilated ridge detail.

Universal ridge ventilator

Ridge Course D Ridge With Universal D Ridge Vent
Cut underlay short of ridge line and fit two tile battens either side of ridge, leaving a sufficient gap for ventilation.

Fix additional tile batten to suit ridge on top of rear of the two tile battens.

Lay top course of tiles with back turned up 38mm against top tile batten.

Place ridge cap into position over the top batten and the upstand edge of tile.

Pull bottom edge of ridge cap away from the upstand edge of tiles and slip

Universal 'D' ridge/hip ventilators into position on each side of the 'D' ridge cap.

Ventilators should run continuously along each side of the ridge cap.

The ridge cap and ventilator to be nailed through the downturn of the ridge cap into the face of the batten, using four Decra fixing nails on each side.


Ridge Course Nailing & Lapping D Ridges
The ridge caps have a slight taper in their design. Place the wider end of the ridge over the narrower end of the ridge beneath creating an 80mm overlap.
Each ridge should be secured with 4 nails on each side of the ridge cap.

NOTE: Where roof pitches exceed 35° it may be necessary to adjust the return angle of the downturned leg of the ‘D’ Ridge Cap.

D Ridge Ends Caps

  1. Snip and fold out flap to suit choice of verge/barge cover.
  2. Trim edge of flap to create a vertical plumb line when fitted.
  3. Install D Ridges over end of D Ridge End Cap ensuring good tight lap occurs. Then nail D Ridge End Cap into position (Fix vertical end of D Ridge End Cap first).


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