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Design Considerations - Refurbishment Roofing Projects

Pitch: Ensure pitch is suitable for selected Decra system.

Structure: Ensure the existing structure is sufficient to support the new roof. Decra’s lightweight roofing technology provides an extremely versatile roofing solution, lighter in weight than almost any other pitched roof covering.

Flat to pitched roof conversions

Decra light weight roof systems offer the ideal permanent solution to problem flat roofs:

  • Lightweight system – reduced requirement for additional supporting structure.
  • No need to strip old roof – building the new pitched roof structure and finish over existing flat roof means less disruption for tenants and virtually eliminates the chances of water ingress and consequent internal damage.
  • Decra tiles are light and easy to handle, offering greater safety at height.
  • Completely dry-fix system – exceptional durability and low maintenance.
  • Enhanced finished appearance – increasing the value of the building, increasing tenant satisfaction and potentially reducing occurrence of vandalism.

Low pitched boarded and felted roofs

  • Decra Classic and Plus tiles are suitable for roof pitches down to 10,° Decra Stratos tiles down to 12° and Decra Oberon tile down to 15°- all much lower than traditional roofing materials.
  • Extremely high resistance to wind uplift.
  • Wide range of ventilation options to bring the roof up to current requirements.
  • Often no need to strip the old felted roof.
  • Improved aesthetics.
  • Longer lifespan.

Exposure and wind loading

The Decra Roof System is completely dry fixed and, unlike traditional tiles, places no reliance upon the deadweight of the tiles to resist wind uplift. Decra tiles are secured through their top and bottom edges into tile battens. The inherent strength of this fixing method is further enhanced by the lateral positioning of the fixings – all the loads exerted are at 90° to the plane of the fixings. In effect, to dislodge a tile wind has to shear through the coated galvanised fixing nails. Whatever the roof pitch, from 10° to 90°, Decra tiles are suitable for even the most severe exposure conditions as defined in BS 6399: Part 2: 1997, Loadings for Buildings.
Read more about Decra's outstanding weather resistance

Cut edges

Decra tiles require no further protection to the cut edge providing they are cold cut using a Decra guillotine, tin snips, reciprocating saw or nibblers. This allows a protective cathodic process to take place, effectively re-sealing the exposed cut edge with a new protective layer of zinc aluminium galvanising.
Read more about Decra's cut edge protection

Specification of works

Model NBS specification clauses are available for all Decra tile systems. They are provided:

Project specific specification

Decra has a dedicated field service, with a network of technical advisers throughout the UK & Ireland, available to provide a bespoke written specification to meet your exact project requirements.

Police Preferred Secured by Design Specifications are available for the Decra Classic Tile, Decra Stratos Tile and Decra Plus Tile with enhanced Decra security fittings.
Contact Decra's technical support team for further details


Secured by Design is the UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of

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