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Roof Tile Batten Selection

General tile batten selection guidelines.

Rafter or truss spacing (mm)
(See note 3 below)
Minimum nailing requirement
(see note 2 below)
Size of batten (mm) 
Width Depth
Decra Classic, Noxite Tile, Plus Tile and Oberon Tile:
450 75mm x 3.35mm 38 25
600 75mm x 3.35mm 50 25
900 100mm x 4.00mm 50 50
1200* 100mm x 4.00mm 50 50
1500* 125mm x 12g screw 50 65
Decra Stratos Tile:      
450 90mm x 3.35mm 50 38
600 90mm x 3.35mm 50 38
900 100mm x 4.00mm 50 50
1200* 100mm x 4.00mm  50 50
1500* 125mm x 12g screw 50 65

*With rafter truss spacing's at 900mm or more, polypropylene or nylon tape should be nailed to the rafters to support the underlay. 


1. Batten sizing: The batten size usable is also defined by the strength, dimensional tolerances and species of timber. Timber should be one of the following species, Type A: Imported Whitewood, Imported Redwood, Canadian/USA Spruce-Pine-Fir, USA Southern Pine, or species Type B: British-grown Corsican Pine, British-grown Scots Pine, British-grown Sitka Spruce. For maximum nail withdrawal performance preference should be given to Type A species (which correspond to strength classes C16/18/22). Tolerances on the basic size of timber batten should be: width +3mm or -3mm; depth -0mm or +3 mm; based on measurement at a reference moisture content of 20% (see BS5534: 2003, annex C). Batten sizes other than those given in the table above should be designed in accordance with BS5534: 2003, annex E & F.

2. Batten Fixings: Batten fixing nails should be annular ring shank or helical twist shank as defined in BS 1202: Part 1. The batten fixing sizes shown are indicative of the requirements of a typical two storey building in an area of low to medium exposure. Reference should always be made to BS5534, 2003, Code of Practice for Slating & Tiling for a project specific batten fastener.

3. Span is defined as the distance between centres of supports, or the clear distance between the face of supports plus half the bearing distance at each end support, whichever is the lesser. The minimum end bearing length should be 17.5mm.

Setting out battens

The first batten should be installed at the eaves, in accordance with guidance on Decra's eave details. Working from the bottom of the rafter, the rest of the battens should be fixed at centres as set out in the table below, adjacent. Measure from lower face to lower face.

Tile Batten Centres 
Decra System Batten Centres (mm)
Decra Classic and Noxite Tile 370mm
Decra Oberon Tile 160mm
Decra Stratos Tile 320mm
Decra Plus Tile 368mm



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