Decra is happy to see red

Decra has become the first roof tile system in the UK to win an entry in the world-renowned Red Book published by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, part of BRE.

The achievement comes just months after Decra became the first roofing systems supplier in the UK to win Secured By Design accreditation, so the Red Book win means a double first for the company.

The Red Book lists all approved fire, security, construction and environmental products and services and is used worldwide by thousands of specifiers, designers and contractors who need to better manage risk.

Products and services are tested to ensure they meet, and continue to meet, quality standards set by experts including insurers, engineers, scientists, manufacturers and regulators.

Decra pioneered the introduction of lightweight steel tiles to the UK 30 years ago and its Elegance, Classic, Stratos and Plus tiles have all passed the LPCB’s rigorous assessments.

Decra UK sales and marketing manager Graham Kent-Jackson said: “It’s an independent and ongoing accreditation which means the LPCB does not rely on our own data so Red Book users can be confident of the findings.”
The Red Book is available to search online or in print and CD-Rom from the BRE.

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