Decra Brings A New Lease Of Life To Wandle Recreation Centre

Decra Roof Systems' lightweight steel roof tiles are being used to help transform the roof of Wandle Recreation Centre in South-West London.
Selected primarily for their durability and aesthetic appearance, more than 400 square metres of Decra Elegance Gloss tiles will be installed on the building in two phases.

Wandle-Recreation-CentreThe Wandle Recreation Centre project, which has so far seen around 1,000 tiles installed as part of the phase one works, needed a new roof for two key reasons: the old roof was starting to leak and the security of the tiles, in terms of their strength and robustness, was starting to decline rapidly.

As such, Decra Elegance Gloss tiles were ideal for this project due to their ability to withstand accidental and intentional damage whilst providing a leak free finish that would continue to act in this way for many years to come. To help make the project as inconspicuous as possible, the London Borough of Wandsworth selected the Elegance Gloss tiles in green to match the existing roof tiles between phases, helping to deter unwanted attention and potential break in attempts.

Michael Barnes, Project Officer from the London Borough of Wandsworth, commented, “As the work is being carried out in two stages, we wanted to install a roofing material that would blend in with the current tiles during the in-between period. The Elegance Gloss green tiles do exactly this and will provide a robust roofing material that will not leak and is guaranteed to last for at least 30 years.”

Due to the roof’s raised crown, it was crucial to employ a roofing contractor who would be able to install the tiles to an extremely high standard. As a result, Nationwide Roofing was on hand to install phase one of the tiles. Lee Hall, Director of Nationwide Roofing Contractors Ltd, said, “The lightweight nature of Decra’s roof tiles made it easy to move them up on to the roof and install them according to the sloping, dual level structure. Supplied in tile strips and securely fixed to the underlying timber battens, Decra tiles are impervious to the effects of weathering and are incredibly strong meaning we could install the tiles safe in the knowledge that we would not need to carry out any future repair works for the life of the tiles.”

Decra Elegance Gloss tiles are finished with a smooth, high lustre coating and are available in Green, Elegant Black and Bordeaux (burgundy) colours to suit any installation. Due to their rich colour and glossy appearance, the tiles sit well alongside the surrounding landscape and complement the building on which they are installed.

Weighing up to one ninth of their traditional counterparts, the Decra range of lightweight steel roof tiles can be used in both low and high pitched roof situations and are installed with ease using a simple dry-fix method comprising either a hammer and nails or electric nail gun to attach the upturned and downturned tile edges to the roof batten underneath.

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