FormFlash Lead Replacement System Gains Secured By Design Status

Icopal's FormFlash, a lead replacement roofing product, has gained Secured by Design's 'Police Preferred Specification' accreditation. The initiative was established by the Association of Chief Police Officers and the status demonstrates that the product has met the required quality standards. Icopal says FormFlash is currently the only lead replacement roofing product to gain this accreditation.

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of designing out crime. It focuses on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages of homes and commercial premises while promoting the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

FormFlash is a waterproof material designed to replace traditional lead flashing which has a high value and, subsequently, is often stolen. FormFlash does the same job yet has no scrap value.

In addition; the product is over 50% lighter than Code 4 lead flashing; this makes it easy to handle on site and provides health and safety advantages.

FormFlash allows flashings up to 10m in length without joints and is easy to cut. It is made from monolithic strong, durable SEBS modified bitumen blend, which means that it is lead-free, has no other heavy metals or PVC. The result is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic product.

Owen Balaam of Icopal commented: "It is a great achievement that Icopal's FormFlash has passed the quality tests to gain this status. Crime prevention is a massive task and we are extremely pleased that our product can go some way in preventing crime and potential vandalism."

Secured by Design


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